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We're grateful to our partners for their continuous support within the Shopify ecosystem, knowing that our combined efforts pave the way for success. Thank you for joining us on this journey. Our commitment lies in assisting you to earn a competitive revenue share from client app installations.

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Being a SpeedBoostr Partner means your clients receive top-notch priority support from our dedicated Customer Success team. Our Partners are always at the front of the queue for every referred merchant, following the best practices outlined in our Service Level Agreement. Count on us to prioritize your clients' needs and ensure their satisfaction.

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Partners receive their accrued earnings on the first day of each month, processed promptly via PayPal. We prioritize timely responses to our valued partners, ensuring smooth communication and efficient payouts.

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Southern Sun Drones

Have had the App installed for a while and it was reporting a significant increase in speed, especially for mobile. I happened to be checking Apps and noted that SpeedBoostr needed an upgrade which I tried to do, but something went wrong and the upgrade would not update properly. WebPlanex proactively noticed this issue and they saw that it was due to an upgraded Theme. They contacted me to ask me to make a small change to a Theme file. Once done the App upgraded and started again with another increase in speed. Read more

5 February, 2024

Pachouli LUXE

Its really good app I'm using free version right now but I think in paid version there will be more benefits. I will consider in future

9 February, 2024


Very useful application for optimizing store speed. My google page speed score increased upto 25 points. Strongly recommended.

25 July, 2023

General FAQs

Everything you need to know about the product and how it works. Can't find an answer? Please Contact Us

The Speed Boostr app is a tool designed to optimise various elements of your website, enhancing its performance and loading speed for an improved user experience.
The app utilises techniques such as image compression, CSS and JS compression, and lazy loading to reduce the time it takes for your website to load, resulting in faster performance.
By using Speed Boostr, you can expect improved sales, higher conversion rates, and enhanced search engine optimisation (SEO) efforts due to faster page load times.
Yes, the app offers real-time page speed monitoring for both mobile and desktop versions of your store, allowing you to track improvements and performance.
Optimised page speed positively affects SEO by providing a better user experience, which can lead to higher engagement and improved search engine rankings.
Yes, the app offers the convenience of scheduling automated optimisations on a weekly or monthly basis, ensuring consistent performance enhancements without manual intervention.
Yes, by providing faster loading times and an enhanced user experience, the app can help retain visitors and reduce bounce rates, contributing to improved website engagement.

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Everything you need to know about the product and how it works. Can't find an answer? Please Contact Us.